You are not alone

My Story

Depression was part of my life, consumed by negative thoughts and self esteem. I spent years trying to crawl out of this invisible, debilitating illness. Fighting it alone – for fear of judgement and discrimination – felt like an impossible battle.
After a conscious analysis of my condition, I began a personal therapy with my art, searching for answers and making mental and physical transformation.

Art helped me heal those wounds and today I want to help as many people find a release from their internal suffering as possible. I intend to promote the message that it’s OK to talk about mental health problems and seek professional help, while using art to help them recover and enjoy life.

This is how #THE ART LISTENS was born, a movement to talk about mental health, and the use of art as a therapy.

Dairo Vargas, Founder

No one should face this difficult invisible battle alone.

Thank you for your support and playing your part in raising awareness around mental health and suicide prevention.